Drawing – one of the most basic things anyone who can hold a pen or a pencil can do.

The paper You Use

When it comes to paper, there are different types or qualities of paper that is used in drawing. One can use the regular paper that is available in the shops or drawing paper, which tends to be thicker. The thickness of a paper is denoted by the GSM. Higher the GSM, thicker is the paper, thus enabling you to use paints, color pens, etc, which may not look or last on thinner papers. Also, these thick papers have a self pattern which adds more angle and texture to the drawing itself. When you use water colors on regular paper and a drawing paper, you will notice a significant difference. the drawing on the thicker paper tends to look nicer and this is precisely why professional artists use such papers.

When one uses charcoal pencils or regular pencils, the thinner variety of paper will suffice. This is because a pencil will not penetrate the paper layer and make the sketch bleed colors or smudge.

To start with, one can practice their drawings and sketches on regularly available papers as they are not only easily available but are lighter on your pocket too. Once the drawing improves and one decides to frame their art, they can opt for thicker materials.